There are hundreds of hosting service providers worldwide. They all offer different disk space, bandwidth, applications, features, and service options. Companies are now competing with other enterprises to provide hosting services that have the fastest and most reliable servers.

The level of services often differentiates the top-notch hosting sites from the inferior ones. Lousy service and downtime usually give host companies bad reputations, but there are clear-cut service providers that excel in the tech industry.

Users are often confused about what to look for in web hosting companies. The features are sometimes so similar that it is difficult to tell them apart. The criteria that a customer should consider differs greatly depending on whether you are looking for a free or a commercial web host.

We continuously research web host service providers to provide the knowledge necessary to choose the best options that fit your needs.

We’re here to clear up that confusion. Let’s get into the review. 🙂


1. Siteground – Best Overall Hosting for Price/Speed/Uptime & Unbeatable Support ($3.95/month)

Average Uptime: 99.95%

Average Load Time: 475Ms

siteground logo

Siteground Promo Banner

SiteGround is a stand-out company because of the integration of business philosophies and customer satisfaction principles. SiteGround has data centers in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the United States which makes for a reliable service provider.

Other components that make this company impressive include their technology and customer service policies.

  • Uptime rating of 99.99%
  • Accelerated host speeds using Solid State Drive (SSD) and NGINX server technology
  • Offers Shared, Cloud, Reseller, Enterprise Hosting and Dedicated Servers
  • User-friendly host platform for WordPress and Joomla
  • Domain Registration
  • Provides phone and chat support with guaranteed ten minute response time
  • Cost-effective hosting plans
  • Startup $3.95 (reg S9.95) including 10 GB of space
  • GrowBig $5.95 (reg $14.95) including 20 GB of space
  • GoGeek $11.95 (reg 29.95) including 30 GB of space

Not only does each plan have scalability options, but the features, services, and friendly user interface that SiteGround uses to help users boost their dynamic online presence.

2. A2 Hosting – Great Speed and Loading Times ($3.92/month)

Average Uptime: 99.1% 

Average Load Time: 601Ms

A2 Web Host Logo

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting seems to have made adequate business decisions for both the new site owners and the professional sites who have high traffic volumes. What stands out about this web hosting service provider is their flexibility and compatibility where customers are concerned. The company prides itself on being a solution to web hosting needs, and the services they provide proves they are committed to the task.

A2 Hosting provides a variety of services and features. The hosting packages are highly beneficial to both personal and professional entrepreneurs who want to build their customer base in the global market. Additionally, the user-friendly control panel enables customers to quickly access their website, databases, files, and email accounts.

  • Uptime Rating of 99.9%
  • Customers rate company with five stars
  • User-friendly host platform for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCart, and Magento
  • Domain Registration and Transfer
  • Fast Hosting and Servers
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Customer Service Support
  • Access to Developer Software
  • Software access to applications like Analytics, Ad Server, CRM, ERP, Calender, Billing, Message Queue, Polls and Surveys, Link Directory, Framework, Performance, Email, Chat, Groupware, Javascript Library, Social Network, Site Builder, CMS, Microblog, Customer Support, e-commerce, Project Management, RSS, Real Estate, Document Management, and Perpetual Security.
  • Cost-effective hosting plans
  • Shared Hosting $3.92 / $4.90 / $9.31 (USD)
  • Reseller Hosting $13.19 / $18.47 / $24.41 / $40.91
  • VPS Hosting $5.00 / $32.99
  • Dedicated Hosting $9.31 / $99.59 / $141.09
  • Cloud Hosting $15.00 / $20.00 / $25.00

#3 Panthur (Not Recommended – Read Full Review)

Average Uptime: 97.2% 

Average Load Time: 2101Ms

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Panthur seems to have started as a start-up company that has grown into a thriving web hosting site because of their dedication to their customer base. With 24/7 sales and support staff, the company prides itself on being able to offer scalable and flexible hosting services because of the needs of their diversified clientele that they credit for helping their growth as a commercial host provider.

  • Domain registration and domain transfer assistance
  • Provides up-to-date server technology, software, network, data management, security, and email services.
  • Web hosting services
  • Rapid service ticket response time
  • Resell hosting options
  • User-friendly host platform for WordPress, Joomla, and Magento
  • The company offers three packages built around scalability.
  • Economy $5.00 / $10.00 / $15.00 depending on storage space and bandwidth needs
  • Business $20.00 / $30.00 / $60.00 depending on storage space
  • Stealth $50.00 / $100.00 / $150.00 depending on storage space, bandwidth, speed, memory, and processes.

#4 Crucial (Overpriced and Slow Servers – Not Recommend)

Average Uptime: 97.81% 

Average Load Time: 1601Ms


Crucial is an Australian owned and operated hosting company that prides itself on providing simplified service and technology. Unlike many other web hosting companies, Crucial provides customers with an infrastructure and data center hosted locally in Sydney which sets an expectation for quality customer care.

The website is also interactive as it provides a help center that is designed to allow clients access to sales and product knowledge in real time. Technical support is available 24/7/365, and clients have access to telephone and online support availability.

  • Provides customers with a service guarantee
  • Distinguishes itself as a small business host provider
  • Earned a distinguished list of service and marketing awards
  • Remote Support Access
  • Website that provides support and on-demand self-knowledge access
  • Cost conscience hosting packages
  • Web Hosting $19.90
  • Reseller Hosting $39.90
  • VPS Hosting $29.90 / $99.90 / $249.90
  • New Zealand Domain Names $19.90 to 22.90 (2 years)
  • Global Domain Names $14.90 to $99.90 depending on location
  • Blaze VPS for Businesses $164.95 / $224.95 / $336.95 / $579.95

#5 Digital Pacific (Was Once Good, Not Anymore)

Average Uptime: 96.81%  (Super Bad)

Average Load Time: 1671Ms

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Digital Pacific is an Australian web hosting solution provider that caters to the individual, business, and corporate clientele. This service provider takes satisfaction in delivering reliable and scalable services. The company also dedicates a considerable amount of energy to be distinguished as the sole Australian provider of a sustainable web hosting initiative.

Digital Pacific provides an Australian-based customer support assistance team that is available 24/7 via telephone, email, or website accessibility. Their experts also give the clients a KnowledgeBase information page dedicated to knowledge transfer of products and services.

  • Has a disaster recovery plan using remote, backup HotSpare servers
  • Uses high-speed fiber optics
  • On-demand, self-service options
  • Has multiple data centers that integrate Vocus and NTT providers with PIPE and Equinix Networks which has a history of reliable and stable uptime.
  • Uses Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) as storage technology
  • Comparable Cost Measures
  • Domain Registrations $12.45 to $14.95 (2 years/ New Zealand)
  • Global Domain $14.90 to $99.90
  • Personal Hosting Plan $4.90
  • Business Hosting $9.69
  • Reseller Hosting  / Product Sales or Commission Based
  • Virtual Private Server Hosting $24.92 / $58.25 (Business)Dedicated Server $99.00 to $1999.00 a year
  • Cloud Web Hosting  / Pay-As-You-Go service model

With all of the features, services, tools, technology, and application software that is available, you might still be confused about which company you prefer. As has shown, there is a lot to take in when trying to decide on the best option for a personal or business venture. What is clear is that selecting a host is just as momentous to your success as the domain name you choose.

10 Things to Consider Before Picking a Host in New Zealand

  1. Should you start with a free site to give yourself time to build the website and traffic?
  2. Do you plan to use the site for e-commerce or ad revenue?
  3. Cost Comparison: Does your site offer competitive rates? Are the upgrade rates also competitive?
  4. Ease of Use of Control Panel and Site: The worst thing you can do is sign up for a glitzy web host provider only to find out you need to take a course just to be able to use it. Make sure that you are comfortable with the user interface and features. Experience is a great teacher, but you should not have to stress yourself out just to be able to use a website.
  5. Technical Support: You will want a provider that offers 24/7 assistance. Knowing where the data centers locations give you an idea of the quality of service you can expect.
  6. Hosting Services: Have you analyzed each service to decide which one is right for your business? Have you looked at the terms of service agreement to make sure that you agree with them?
  7. Hosting Features like bandwidth, storage space, and CPU: Does your host provide you with enough resources? You want to make sure you understand how files, images, and videos can rapidly take up storage space. Have you chosen a package that gives you plenty of room to grow?
  8. Hosting Technology: Every company will have a unique operating system, network, and server system. Is your system compatible with theirs?
  9. Do you need website tools or software additions like chat, email service, social media, or e-commerce? Do you need to integrate WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or their equivalent?
  10. Does your provider choice allow for scalability? Online activity is unpredictable. One moment you are unknown, and the next, you can unknowingly create an article or video that instantly goes viral. If your chosen package adequately services 10,000 visitors, but you see five times that amount in a day, you might need to upgrade. Does the provider allow your site to grow as your audience does?

Free Web Hosting (Is it Worth It)?

high quality image of a webserver downloading it's infoFree web hosts use advertising to pay for the costs of providing the disk space and services. Some sites use banners while others display advertising windows that link to products and services. Customers, regardless of method, must accept that advertising is a necessary component of doing business online.

A practical inquiry will separate the problematic “free” providers from the ones who use advertising as a precept to provide trustworthy service. Free web hosts are a common option for new bloggers setting up their first website.

Another drawback to free web hosts can be disc space and file size. Disc space on free sites vary, but the average is around 50MB.

One megabyte is 1024 kilobytes, so new website owners receive plenty of space to get started. File sizes also affect a decision to choose a free site. On average, HTML files range from 5 to 50 kilobytes. PDF and Word files can run as high as 5 megabytes. If you are going to host video and audio files as big as 3 gigabytes, you should consider a paid service which has increased disc and storage space.

Commercial Web Hosting

First off….

If you’re a small business read our small biz guide and if you’re looking for an Ecommerce hosting solution than check this out.

Commercial web hosting gives users complete control over their web pages and potential monetary gains. Profit, though, is only possible if you have managed to establish loyal followers and traffic which is a crucial distinction when thinking about investing in commercial web hosting services.

It is a viable option for customers who have outgrown the limitations of free services. While sites use advertising to pay for services, paid hosts enable users to implement ad promotions to pay for operating costs. Moreover, users have room to grow which helps make decisions about future scalability and revenue growth potential.

Ecommerce Design

Revenue is possible with less than 100 hits per day, but it will not be a profitable option for those who are trying to grow a business. When a site has the steady traffic of at least 500 hits per day, you might be ready to upgrade your services.

If you already have an established brick-and-mortar business, you might also choose to start with a paid hosting service since you are beginning your site on solid footing.

These are the type of things a user needs to weigh before choosing between free and commercial hosting services. You know your value better than anyone else.

While our team has analyzed only five of the top web host service providers, there are many more options online that score as high as these examples. There are many ways to evaluate a website including ratings, customer feedback, and web searches.

While you might not find a perfect host service, you will narrow down your options which makes choosing your ultimate provider a comfortable process. By using our guidelines, you will find a reliable hosting service that will help you build a successful business model to be proud of.

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