I don’t usually swear but……Ventraip is a piece of …….

Yup, you heard it and that’s from a guy who has dealt with them for the last few years. I almost didn’t want to write this review but felt compelled to. I don’t believe that businesses and bloggers should be roped in by VentraIP’s high prices and absolutely atrocious service.

So if you’re a an employee of Ventraip then I apologize because this isn’t going to be nice. 🙂 Full disclaimer for anyone who works for VentraIP. We are not paid to write this review, instead this is just our personal opinion based off our experience and research. These are our personal opinions. We still urge anyone looking for web hosting to do their research before buying. 

If you want the quick answer to a better alternative, we recommend SiteGround as they offer super fast servers, tons of free upgrades that would cost you hundreds a year otherwise and 24/7 free support.

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Why VentraIP Is a Terrible Choice

Let’s look at their claims and then back it up with REAL data. In this review I will do a few things.

  • First, we will look at their server claims.
  • Second, I’ll show you how they will secretly charge you another $130 a year.
  • Third, I’ll give you data on over 4 years of their server speeds and downtime reports.
  • Finally, I’ll suggest two alternatives and show you why they are superior.

Let’s get into it.

image from Ventraip datacenters

I can’t find any evidence of awards being given one. As a local Australian web developer and marketing agency owner I didn’t even know hosting awards exist.

auDA Information Security Standard isn’t anything to brag about. It’s the standard for domain registers and has been for about fifteen years (revised in 2013). It’s sorta like advertising a car by saying, “Now Available With Airbags!“. Marketing fluff for the technically unsavvy.

150,000 Satisfied Customers – based on what?

I have helped migrate over 15 businesses away from their server due to terrible downtime issues and atrocious support. Not to mention their out of date servers (we will get to that don’t you worry).

image about their technical support

In order to be objective I will say that they do have service reps available, however, they aren’t able to answer anything. In the several instances we contacted them they told us to reinstall WP.

Other issues

  • Long wait times
  • Told us SSL was functioning when it clearly wasn’t
  • Not overly friendly (I understand customer service sucks, but at least try)
  • Anything more complicated than a super simple question will be answered by asking you to submit a ticket.

So where’s the data….

Our Tests of Ventraip from Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide

If you read our best hosting reviews you’ll get a glimpse into the process that we’ve been using to gather data. Basically, it was an accident. Over the last several years our team has kept uptime and downtime records of our web clients and when we decided to launch this site in 2016 we had almost 10 years of data.

We set up this site for our web clients and later opened it up for everyone. The goal was to give our clients a very definitive guide for choosing their web hosting so they would stop asking us questions. 🙂

What is Uptime and Downtime

These are 2 important factors that we need to consider when choosing a web host. Let’s look at a little explanation of what they are.

Uptime – The time a website is up and on the Internet able to be accessed and used. Higher uptime is a good thing.

Downtown – This is the time that a website is unable to be accessed or viewed by a visitor. High downtime is indicative of a lower quality host or outdated datacenters.

Here are our datapoint from each city (May 3rd 2010 – July 14th 2016)


  • Uptime – 95.6%
  • Average Loadtime – 2,312Ms


  • Uptime – 94.8%
  • Average Loadtime – 3,012Ms


  • Uptime – 96.1%
  • Average Loadtime – 3,182Ms


  • Uptime – 97.09%
  • Average Loadtime – 1,978Ms

The results speak for themselves. While it’s not the worst I’ve seen, for the price they are charging they should definitely be able to provide a much faster and better experience than this.

VentraIP Pricing – Is it Worth It?

Here is their pricing.

image of ventraIP pricing chart

While their starter package does seem reasonable it’s not worth the price especially when you consider sites like Siteground can offer WAY better quality service for the same price.

Their Freedom and Premier package is good for higher traffic sites but again not at that price point. It’s about 25% above the market average. While VentraIP has standard prices with low speeds what really makes it a bad deal is their SSL.

What is SSL and Why It’s Important image of SSL protected website

SSL standards for Secure Socket Layer. If you’ve ever seen that green https:// area on your browser than you know that you’re using a safe SSL certified website. How it works is by creating an encrypted tunnel from your browser to the server. Information is kept safe from prying eyes.

SSL has become the standard for ALL websites. Google gives a huge preference to SSL enabled websites. If you take payments on your website or want people to trust your brand you’ll need SSL.

SSL disabled websites often get this error message on Chrome, which is a pretty surefire way to lose your customers right away.

image showing an unsecure SSL certificate

“Back to Safety” is web language for “bye bye customers”.

So at this point you’re thinking why not get just get SSL.

Well you can, but this is where VentraIP becomes really expensive.

Consider this….

image showing the crazy prices of Ventraip hosting SSL

119.95 is a year is crazy. Unless they are giving you protection at the DNS level to avoid DDoS attacks on the server it’s by far the most expensive SSL I’ve seen (which wouldn’t matter since their plans are running on shared hosts).

If you’re wondering what the average SSL price is than I would answer by saying – free.

In an attempt to make the Internet a safer place a WordPress application called “Let’s Encrypt” offers free SSL to any website.

Siteground has one of the easiest ones to use. 

image of Siteground SSL

Alternatives to VentraIP – My Two Recommendations

In early May 2014 I had an Ecommerce client in the vaping niche come to us looking to migrate their server from VentraIP. After a few hours in their analytics and monitoring their website we realized that the load time was way too slow. Since it was an image heavy website they were experiencing an above average bounce rate on most of their main purchase pages.

A week later we migrated them to our reseller hosting accounts and saw this…

siteground switch from client

Response times cut in half and bounce rates improved dramatically. Fast forward 6 months and revenue was up 33% and they had climbed to the first page of Google for a lot of their search terms.  Google values speed as a ranking signal as well.

With that in mind, these are our two recommended hosting companies that offer way more value than VentraIP.

1. Siteground – ($3.95/month)

Average Uptime: 99.95%

Average Load Time: 475Ms

siteground logo

By far our favorite. Nearly all our personal projects and recent client sites use Siteground. It comes in at a slightly cheaper price point than VentraIP with a ton of free upgrades that you would otherwise have to pay for.

You can also save quite a bit with Siteground. 

Unbeatable Support
24/7 Support that can answer all manner of technical questions. Siteground Support has won awards for their highly trained staff. You won’t find anything like it.

Great Speed and Uptime
Siteground has some of the fastest speeds with data centers located throughout the world. Just look at the time above.

One Click Installs and Free SSL
You can literally install your new WordPress site in one click. They also offer free SSL which is an absolute must for anyone taking money on their sites.

Best Choice for Beginners

If you’re new to blogging or setting up your business website, Siteground is definitely the top choice for newbies. It’s easy to use with an easy to navigate interface.

2. HostGator Cloud Hosting –  (Only $2.99/monthly)

Average Uptime: 99.4% 

Average Load Time: 657Ms

image of the hostgator logo

Includes: Free Email, Daily Backups, Free SSL (very valuable), Site Transfer, Free Website Builder

Hostgator has been one of the most trusted hosting solution for a long time. Thousands of businesses and bloggers trust Hostgator to provide web hosting for all levels of business from bloggers to big Ecommerce sites. 

Great Support

Hostgator combines quality uptime with great service. It’s also priced at a very reasonable price point and offers flexible plans as your business/traffic grows. You can easily upgrade your plan as you need.

Competitive Rates

Host Gator offers some really discounted rates for new websites and also some flexible plans for all different needs.

 Final Thoughts

I hope I didn’t offend anyone, but I just wanted to write this review here so people would know what they are getting into. If you have specific questions, please drop them below and I’ll do my best to answer every single one.



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