WordPress is the most common CMS (content management system). Nearly 30% of websites are made using WordPress. Wordpress has dominated the online market due to it’s flexibility and versatility. A robust online community has contributed plugin solutions for nearly any kind of issue.

There is a massive library of free content, guides, plugins and themes for WordPress.  If you’re considering building a website for yourself or your business I would definitely suggest using WordPress. This CMS isn’t just for small bloggers, some of the biggest websites in the world like The New Yorker and Best Buy use WordPress.

If you’re looking for the quick and easy answer to the top WordPress Host –  our recommended host is Siteground for a few reasons.  Fastest datacenters. Most free upgrades that can save you $300/year over other hosts. The best 24/7 suppport hands down. Free transfer/backup/SSL/hacking protection. They will also help you with every step of the WordPress setup for free. 

We also hooked up all our readers with 60% off shared plans. 🙂 Click on the image below. 

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WordPress Features and Prices

If you check prices on different providers you’ll notice a wide range of price points. When considering these it’s important to realize that plans are made depending on the amount of server resources you’ll be using. The more people visiting your website the more resources your website is going to need.

If you’re a small business or just a blogger you won’t need huge amounts of server data and most plans allow you to scale pretty easily via their starter packages.

image showing the benefits of wordpress hosting

What you want to find is an entry level package (which we will discuss here) that allows you to scale up as your demands increase. These are known as shared web hosting where the resources of the server (the host) are shared with multiple websites on the same IP address.

It works as sort of a communal resource that everyone uses. Opting in for SSL protection can make any shared host safe and effective for taking online payments. As you move up in traffic then scale to a higher-tier plan.

So to recap….

Start small and Then Grow Big.

I would definitely not suggest for anyone to pay for the more expensive plans. It’s sorta like buying a sports car to drive in the city. You just don’t need it. 🙂

Before you sign up to a hosting account you definitely need to take a look at some of the features you’ll be needing. Our top two picks for WordPress hosting cover most of these, but here are a couple.

  • Taking payments? = You need SSL
  • Want to migrate a site?
  • Free backups?
  • Want low uptime? (meaning your site won’t go down)
  • Datacenters
  • Increased security
  • 24/7 support
  • Easy to Install Plugins and Features

Siteground’s pricing is some of the best around. For fully managed wordpress. 

Elements You Want in WordPress Hosting

We are going to discuss each of these elements above so you can learn about them a little bit more.

SSL Protection image of SSL protected website

SSL used to be required to make online transactions or take payments, however, now it’s become standard for all websites. Google gives a big preference to websites with SSL. SSL actually stands for Secure Socket Layers.

If you’ve ever seen the green lock symbol or word “secure” beside your URL then you know your site is SSL enabled, like this one. 🙂

SSL basically encrypts data that moves from your website to a users’ site. This serves to protect all the information between the two computers. Think of it as a super secure tunnel where all commands and communication can traverse without being spied on.

A lot of companies require you to pay for your SSL certificate, however, our top picks offer you free SSL, which is a savings of at least $50-60 a year. Some of the more popular Aussie hosts like Digital Pacific or Ventraip try to really rip you off for SSL, charging $300-400 per site. :(:(

Don’t waste money on SSL certificates when you can get them for free.

Migrating Websites

Migrating a website from one hosting to another can be a bit annoying. You’ll need to compress your files/media/plugins and then upload it to the new hosting’s FTP. This can present some problems for some newer users.

All of our recommended hosts offer free website migration services.

Free Backups

Backing up your websites is just as important as backing up your personal photos. Doing this regularly is vital to keep your hard work safe.  Free backups are often by most hosts but some of them offer it as an upsell on their existing packages.

You can either use a plugin for your backups or get your hosting provider to provider backups for you.


Uptime and downtime refer to how much time your website is online and running. 100% running time would mean that basically your website would never go down. Downtime is the amount of time your website is not loading. In today’s standards any web server that doesn’t provider 99% uptime definitely has some server issues.

Our uptime test results for Siteground from Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide

Siteground uptime in Australia

Datacenters – Where Is Your Server?

Datacenters are where your server is actually based. When it comes to speed, reliability and uptime you’ll want a datacenter that is closest to you. If you purchase hosting from a US-based provider anyone who wants to access your data in Australia will need to first request the data from the US and then have it travel to the user’s computer in Sydney or whatever city.

Our recommended hosts have datacenters located in Singapore which providers very quick response times. While not technically in Australia, we’ve tested the differences between Australian-host and Singapore datacenters and there has been no measurable difference.

Website Security

If you have a site for long enough and are silly enough to have a password like “password1234” your site is going to get hacked. Programs that attempt brute-force entry into thousands of websites to either spread viruses or install ransomeware are common.

A quality host monitors your website for hacking attempts or DDos attacks. This is vital if you’re running a site that takes customer’s payment details.

Awesome Badass Support

Support is something we tested extensively. There will be times when you’ll have questions and instead of reading through FAQs and support forums you can just quickly ask the support staff.

A lot of hosts outsource their support to India. While it might save them money, you can imagine that support is lacking.

Easy to Install

Most hosts utilize the cPanel and a really easy to use app called Softalicious. From there anyone can open it up and install either SSL certs or WordPress on a new domain or subdomain. Either way if you get stuck at any point, support can do it for you.

Our Recommended WordPress Hosts 2017

1. Siteground – Best Overall Hosting for Price/Speed/Uptime & Unbeatable Support ($3.95/month)

Average Uptime: 99.95%

Average Load Time: 475Ms

siteground logo

We love Siteground, nearly all of our client sites use Siteground. Although it’s about a dollar more than other shared hosts, it’s definitely worth it. Starter plans actually offer more power than other hosts.

Siteground Hosting Plans

Unbeatable Support
24/7 Support that can answer all manner of technical questions. Siteground Support has won awards for their awesome staff. It’s pretty hard to beat.

Great Speed and Uptime
Siteground has some of the fastest speeds with data centers located throughout the world. They also use a Singapore based datacenter.

One Click Installs and Free SSL
You can literally install your new WordPress site in one click. They also offer free SSL which is an absolute must for anyone taking money on their sites.

Best Choice for Beginners
If you’re new to blogging or setting up your own site, Siteground is definitely the top choice for newbies. It’s easy to use with an easy to navigate interface.

2. A2 Hosting – Great Speed and Loading Times ($3.92/month)

Average Uptime: 99.1% 

Average Load Time: 601Ms

A2 Web Host Logo

A2 is another quality host that prides itself on good support and reliability. We’ve used A2 for a lot of our hosting packages for both our Australian clients as well as our American/Canadian clients. Works well from all Australian cities.

image showing A2 Host pricing

Great Support

A2 has some really friendly and knowledgeable support people that can help you out with almost any issue.

Free SSL and Fast Hosting

One click installs for WordPress and SSL using “Lets Encrypt”.  Hosting time has a very high uptime with a low downtime.


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  1. Thank you for all this information on WordPress sites, as well as this recommendation for hosting. I like the recommendation of starting small with options and features a blog or business can grow into.

    1. Hey Carrie, thanks for stopping by.

      I always recommend for people to start small and then work themselves up to the bigger plans. No need to jump on a huge plan and let it sit idle even if you plan on building up your web traffic. Start small and scale.

    1. If by web data you mean our clients website data? Then no, that’s their info not ours.

      I can only share our dashboard and tracking system we built, if you’re interested in that you can email me.

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